A new website has just been deployed. No major difference with the previous one at first glance, the main objective was to keep up-to-date. Graphically, the main new feature is the menu, which has been modified to be easier to understand. 

Among the greater differences, a new inscription module: rich enough that it will suffice for IEEE inscriptions. This allows a new way of subscribing: create an account and send us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to say when you will pay (thanks to our sponsors, it costs only 5€ instead of about 20). Of course, you can expect much more in the future! 

There are some open positions! After the rebirth of the branch last year, we intent to continue the development of the SB in Montefiore by building a solid base for the future. For these goals, we are looking for:

  • a webmaster
  • communications manager: he will manage and promote the different events and activities of the SB (posters, mails...)
  • a vice-chair: he will participate directly to the organization of the events and he will be involved in the branch everyday life.

All current members of the branch are in master 2. The key positions will be available next year.

Being a volunteer in a student branch will provide you an incredible experience. It is also an opportunity to make new contacts, at the ULg and in other universities.

We currently use the "TFE" room in the underground of Montefiore Institute. Here is a map so that you can find us more easily.


As the end of the academic year approaches, the board has been renewed.

The former chair Julie Dethier (2nd master biomedical) gave her position to the former secretary Alejandro Marcos Alvarez (1st master electricity). Julien Bonsangue remains our treasurer.

Two IEEE members are joining the board:

  • Morgan Germain (1st master biomedical) is our new secretary
  • Stéphane Furlan (1st master biomedical) is our new vice-chair
Read more: New Board for 2010
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