Chair: Julie Dethier,
Vice-chair: Thomas Colinet,
Trésorier: Julien Bonsangue
Secrétaire: Alejandro Marcos Alvarez
Webmasters: Arnaud Richelle et Antoine Lejeune.

Chair: Alejandro Marcos Alvarez
Vice-chair: Stéphane Furlan
Treasurer: Julien Bonsangue
Secretary: Morgan Germain
Communication Manager: Anthony Fringuellini

You will soon become an engineer, you are interested in new technologies, you are curious, you want to meet students all over the world and discover their culture, you wish to improve your English, last scientific advancements give you a thrill, you want to hear about dream jobs, read all about top 10 high-tech cars, learn how electricity can help psychiatry, you’d like to participate to activities such as industry visit, sealing, and plenty of others, all this with a great fun ?

Benefits for students?

IEEEoffers the students a membership at a reduced cost that gives them full access to technical, professional and financial benefits of a standard membership. This offer is opened to any student in engineering in any domain, from aerospace to informatics, including electricity, electronics, physics, applied mathematics and bioengineering.

To sum up, as a member of IEEE Student Branch, you can:

- participate to tons of activities from technical to funny ones,
- participate to coding competitions,
- meet older students from your university and foreign students.

Your advantages:


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Postal Address

IEEE Student Branch
Institut Montefiore
Parking P32 - Building B28
Grande Traverse, 10, BP 13
B-4000 LIÈGE


You can reach any member of the team by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As in the majority if universities, a lot of professors and PhDs are IEEE members. Most of them are from Montefiore's institute but also from other departments.

Some of them have accepted to share their IEEE experience with the students. 

Student Branch

What is a student branch in such a big organization?

It is composed of IEEE student members who gather in an association to organize activities in the name of IEEE. It is the best way to get in touch with engineers from the professional environment but also to discover new engineering applications, to learn new skills, to practise english, etc.. It is also the opportunity to meet students from other student branches all around the world. Finally, it is the way to participate to soe untypical activities such as societies and laboratories visits, lectures but also a lot of fun activities.

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