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C, C++ or Java, wherever may your faith go to, you'll be welcome to face other excellent developers in the world, during the IEEE Xtreme Programming Competition, on 22th October!

For 24 hours, in a dim-lit room in Montefiore, participating teams won't wonder long what to do: solve programming problems, supplied with food and drinks for free. Note that a team are formed by three members maximum.

The winning team will be awarded much glory, but will also be offered to participate in an IEEE conference, wherever they want in the world! Second and third team in the world will get a notebook (one per person). Every contestant will get, whatever may their results be, a participation certificate, a t-shirt, and IEEE goodies.

If you want to get ready, some examples of problems are available:   2006 (more complete PDF) or 2008 (part one, part two and part three).

Only IEEE members may participate, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you're not already!

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