Update: The Mathematica notebook used during the lecture is now freely available on our website.


Last minute change: due to the unexpected success, the lecture will happen in another room, the O2 (B37).

Mathematica is written for computations, first analytical (symbolic), then more and more numerical (like MATLAB). As such, it can compute analytically integrals as easily as it numerically solves differential equations. Its feature set also includes statistical analysis of data (with machine learning too) and 2D and 3D visualisation. Overall, it has distinct features from the well-known MATLAB, but is less commonly used.

The IEEE Student Branch thus proposes a Mathematica lecture on Thursday, 25th February, 13.30-17.30, that will give you a short kick-off hands-on course. The following topics will be delivered:

  1. First steps.
  2. Basic information.
  3. Number, variables: Mathematica as a calculator.
  4. Support resources.
  5. Functions.
  6. Basics of visualisation.
  7. Derivatives and integrals.
  8. Differential equations.

Many examples within this lecture are taken from the calculus course at the beginning of the engineers studies.

The lecture is mainly hands-on; hence, attendees are supposed to install Mathematica beforehand on their own laptop, in order to take the most advantage out of it; an install party will take place before the lecture, at 1pm, in the same room. The ULg offers a license for all students; relevant information is available on the university website after authentication.

The lecture is free, but registration is mandatory. Register to the lecture.

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