Physics and computer science pair well, and they even help each other! Computer scientists like Landauer or Bennett sorted out thermodynamic paradoxes in which generations of physicists were tangled! Physicits (Szilard, Feynman...) have given the thermodynamic bounds on computer calculations!

Two short lectures (45 minutes each) will expose:

  1. What computer science brings to physics. A good definition of randomness, of the complexity of physical systems, of their entropy, and in the end a way to write the second principle of thermodynamics, so simple it becomes evident.
  2. What physics brings to computer science. A computer that performs computations heats a lot: this blazing heat is an obstacle to scale reduction. Is this nuisance inevitable? What limits physical laws impose on reversible computations (the major remedy to heat)? Szilard's thought experiment answers these questions, it was even confirmed by recent experiments.

The conferences will be given by Dr. André Hautot (ULg, department of physics).

Where? R3 (building B28 - Montefiore institute).

When? 21 and 22 February, at lunchtime (around 12:30).

Registration mandatory!

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