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The lecture will be the 11st march 2013 at 17 h 30 and take place in Montéfiore (B28) local MIPS.

M. Emile Schweicher will be the lecturer. A drink will be offered at the end of the lecture.



The fringe density of an interferogram (i.e.,the set of interference fringes overlaid on a hologram) is a increasing known function of the deformation (between unconstrained and constrained object), i.e., the larger the deformation, the smaller the fringe spacing, the closer the fringes. Since the smallest measurable deformation is of the order of the wavelength, holographic interferometry is 10 times more sensitive than other NDI (Non Destructive Inspection) methods like eddy currents (wervel stromen) or strain gages (rekstrookjes).
Similar to X-ray images, THz (TeraHertz) waves penetrate through most materials and can easily reveal imperfections such as voids,delaminations, cracks and density variations. THz waves offer some advantages over X-ray including that the radiation is non-ionising , thus completely safe. THz NDI will be used in pharmaceutical industry (a very conservative industry) & in cloth, plastics, ceramics, paper, food industries. Example: THz imaging applications include flaw detection in the Sprayed-On-Foam-Insulation (SOFI) for the Space Shuttle programme. At the same time, large molecules have characteristic THz spectra. Recent reports of shoebox-sized scanners for drugs and explosives (THz fingerprints) also promise easier law enforcement.

This Monday afternoon took place Mr. Schweicher's lecture on terahertz wave. In a word: long and in-depth explications about the terahertz waves possible uses in security applications and the problems it may cause or solve, with an expert eye an a very educational way. For those who dared not to come, the slides are freely available on this website. 

IEEE Student Branch Liège is proud to announce the participation of M. Emile Schweicher, retired professor of the Ecole Royale Militaire, to a lecture on Adaptive optics and concerned laser weapons. The lecture will start at about 6pm.

Free drinks will be available after M. Schweicher's lecture.

Price non-/members: 1€/free

The increased threats of criminal or terrorist action in recent years have led to development of many techniques for detection of concealed weapons, contraband, explosives or other objects.

This lecture will be held on Monday 26th March 2012, starting at 17h30 (duration: approximately one hour).  

Read more: Mr Schweicher's Lecture on Security Applications of T-rays

  • 4 November 2010

Mr Emile Schweicher, retired professor of the École Royale Militaire, will be speaker on 4th November. The subject of his lecture will be Adaptive optics and concerned laser weapons. The lecture will start at 6 p.m.

 Free drinks will be available after Mr Schweicher's lecture.

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