As you may know, three of our board members went to this year SBC, in Madrid. What's a SBC? A meeting for all Student Branches in Region 8, with workshops about new technologies and non-technical things (such as how to handle some aspects of a SB) – fun included!


The IEEE Spectrum is a magazine published by IEEE exploring development, applications and imbrications of new technologies, staying forward in all engineering, scientific and technologies domains, that is of all domains covered by IEEE. 

It was also awarded the 2010 Utne Independent Press. >This prize is awarded to alternative and independent magazines.

Some articles are available on their website.


Spectrum is the main publication of IEEE and every member receives it. You will find in this monthly magazine all about development, applications and issues of new technologies around the world.

Spectrum is written in a way that makes it readable by the largest number. It is not Shakespearian literature, it is written in a clear concise English, accessible to all students. It is both a very good tool to learn technical English and discover advancements, sometimes surprising, realized in various domains (communications, electronics, robotics, bioengineering…). 

You will find an overview of last editions on




The branch is part of the Mesa, the " Mouvement des étudiants en sciences appliquées " (Students in Applied Sciences Movment).




The branch is also part of Fede, the " Fédération des étudiants de l'ULg " (Federation of Students at University of Liège). 

IEEE stands for "Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers". It’s the world largest engineers association. It counts more than 395,000 members in over 150 countries.

IEEE is at the state of the art in technology and a leading authority on areas ranging from aerospace systems, computers and telecommunications to biomedical engineering, electric power and consumer electronics among others. 

IEEE uses scientific and technical publications like Spectrum to communicate with its members. The database of IEEE accounts more than 2 million articles.

The IEEE is a leading developer of international standards like RJ45 wire and Wi-Fi.

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