Pr Jacques Destiné

Department of Electrical and Electronical Engineering and Computer Science

I have been a member of IEEE for 38 years, beginning as student member in 1971…

My reasons for such a long term commitment are the following:

- First, to have an easy access to a formidable wealth of information in my domains of scientific and technological interest through the numerous transactions, proceedings and conferences edited by the many societies within IEEE, covering electrical, electronic biomedical engineering and computer sciences;

- It is not too difficult to have one’s papers published in a reasonable time;

- As an electrical engineer, there a slight touch of coquetry to belong to IEEE !

Another advantage is that IEEE services are not too expensive for a personal subscription (and even cheaper when you are a student or a PhD student) when compared to other professional societies.

Even though it is a professional society, IEEE also offers dedicated journals and magazines for students or even written by students as Potentials. Moreover, student branches offer specific advantages such as funding of student activities, easy contacts between student branches, participation to “best papers contests”, … and last but not least, a first contact with professional responsibilities for those who are running the branch.

Starting an investigation invariably begins with an interrogation of IEEE databases through IEEE Explore to be sure to have a good initial bibliography, even though other search engines do also an excellent job (leading you often to IEEE papers !). IEEE ( is the largest professional society for engineers and even if it is international, its US roots may be sometimes hard to bear, so do not forget to enroll in AIM ( also!

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